Goldspire™ Ginkgo

Goldspire™ Ginkgo

Shimmering Emerald from Spring to Summer- Burning Gold in Autumn!

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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This easy to grow, upright tree is an interesting choice for any garden or yard with full sun and moist soil. The branches are densely filled with attractive green foliage before turning lovely shades of yellow in the autumn months before dropping in the colder weather.

Goldspire™ Ginko is a low maintenance tree that holds up well to environmental pollutants, disease, heat and drought. Just trim in early spring for the first few years after planting to achieve the dense, pyramidal shape.

After about a decade of growth, Goldspire™ Ginko will reach its full height of 16 feet and width of 6 feet. Ideal for small spaces, it can even be grown in a large container! Zones 4-9