Good Dirt® Potting Mix

Good Dirt® Potting Mix

It's All in the BogBits™!

Loosens to 28 quarts
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As soon as you see the package, proudly labeled, "The Essential Dirt Bag," you know that the makers of Good Dirt Potting Mix® have a healthy sense of humor as well as a keen knowledge of the best growth medium for container plants. Good Dirt® is peat moss and BogBits™, both harvested from American peat bogs and blended to create an optimal solution of nutritious, well-aerated, environmentally friendly soil for all your potted plants.

Good Dirt® promotes soil aeration and drainage, the two most important qualities of potting soil. Container plants tend to become compacted over time, making it difficult for their roots to absorb nutrients and continue growing their best. Good Dirt® solves this problem with a blend of peat moss and BogBits™ (recycled organic product from American peat bogs), which increase the porosity of the soil while also providing good nutrition. This mix also contains a starter fertilizer to get your plants growing their best from the day you plant them, and probiotics for optimal nutrition.

Once you've planted out your containers with Good Dirt®, just water and feed as usual (10 to 14 days is typical for feeding; your watering schedule depends upon the weather and the particular needs of your plants). Peat moss acts as a sponge, soaking up excess water and then releasing it when plant roots need it. It's the perfect base ingredient for potted plants, because it keeps the soil moist yet crumbly, avoiding drying out and compacting.

Fill your containers of all types, indoors and out, with this premium mixture. Loosens to 28 quarts.

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