Good Dirt® Soil Conditioner

Good Dirt® Soil Conditioner

Contains BogBits™, Plant Food, & Pro-Biotics

Loosens to 30 quarts
Item # 39714
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Make every plant in the garden grow better with Good Dirt® Soil Conditioner! This all natural mix of American peat moss and recyclable peat bog byproducts (known as BogBits™) improves the drainage, aeration, and moisture retention abilities of your garden soil. And that makes plant root systems thrive. Just add it to your beds, borders, foundation, street islands, and other landscape areas, and you'll see dramatic results beginning the very first season.

Good Dirt® Soil Conditioner works because it helps the soil make room for plant roots, water retention, and drainage. That may sound counterintuitive, but it's true: peat moss is dry and crumbly when it comes out of the bag, but it swells up to hold amazing amounts of water, releasing it only as plant roots demand. This way, the soil doesn't become soggy, nor does it dry out so quickly that plant roots become parched.

Soil drainage is a huge problem in the garden, and one that takes several seasons to correct. But Good Dirt® jump starts the process by introducing peat moss and BogBits™, which will work with your compost and other soil amendments to improve the overall quality of the earth available to your annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and trees. We highly recommend it everywhere in the garden!

Best of all, Good Dirt® is ecologically beneficial. This is a 100% sustainable product, using only the good elements of the earth to make your garden grow better. You can feel good about using these sustainably harvested sources of great soil nutrition and aeration!

Work Good Dirt® into your garden as you till and turn over the soil each season, or apply it onto the surface like mulch, and let it sink in. You don't have to do any digging or mixing; these natural elements will blend right in over time.

Make Good Dirt® a regular feature of your seasonal garden maintenance, and watch your plants thrive! This package loosens to 30 quarts.