Good Tidings Gardenia

Good Tidings Gardenia

Glossy Leaves and Perfumed White Blossoms!

Festive Craft Cachepot
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Looking for something special to delight the gardener, nature lover, or fragrance aficionado this holiday season? Our Good Tidings Gardenia is a charming indoor plant certain to please, offering gleaming evergreen foliage and marvelously fragrant double white blooms. Already planted (and possibly blooming!) in a lovely green plaid cachepot, this Gardenia is a delight right out of the box. Send it on its merry way to your friends and family this season!

And this plant is easy to care for -- no gardening expertise required! Just keep it watered and give it some indirect light, turning the plant to expose all sides to the filtered or part-day sunshine. It has been bred for indoor growth, and will thrive just about anywhere you choose to display it.

Dimensions: 14-16"H

Available to ship October 30.