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Gopher and Mole Plant Repellents (12 repellents)

Gopher and Mole Plant Repellents (12 repellents)

Quick, easy and effective protection from burrowing pests.

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Tired of mole hills and gopher holes ruining your immaculate lawn? Fight back the natural way with this effective repellent! Each delivery tube contains a concentrated garlic formula that is detested by these destructive rodents and keeps them out of your yard for 10 to 12 months. Application is easy: simply probe the ground near the mole or gopher hole until you find a tunnel, unplug the biodegradable delivery tube to release the scent, and drop the device into the tunnel. Seal the tunnel to keep the odor inside to disturb the unwanted guests. Use as many of the tubes as needed to motivate your moles to move on and in no time at all your pest problem will be a thing of the past!