Gourd Seeds

Get Creative with Gourds!

Did you know that gourds are among the oldest cultivated plants? They have been grown for thousands of years. And through the centuries, people have found almost endless uses for them. The Egyptians used them as water bottles. They were also made into household items, such as utensils, cups, ladles, scoops, and storage devices. Through the ages, many men and women smoked tobacco through gourd pipes and babies entertained themselves to the sound of gourd rattles.

Although you may not be interested in outfitting your kitchen in gourd cups and utensils today, gourds still find many uses in our lives. For instance, you know that “sea sponge” loofah pad you use in the shower every morning? It doesn’t come from the sea at all. It’s actually a sponge gourd. Gourds can be made into fishnet floats, whistles, birdhouses, and other useful objects, or they can be a canvas for painters and crafters. And their unusual and varied shapes, textures, and patterned colors make them good decorations. Bottle gourds (Lagenaria siceraria) are popular ornamental landscaping plants, known for their vining habit of dense foliage and snowy white flowers, and are sometimes used as a lush living screen.

We have many types of gourd seeds to choose from. So, get creative with gourds. You are limited only by your own imagination.