Grandstand™ Pink Red Lipstick Salvia

Grandstand™ Pink Red Lipstick Salvia

Sizzling Two-tone Blooms All Season!

If you're looking for a star to shine in your annual displays this year, look no further than this spectacular Salvia splendens! Pink Red Lipstick is a low maintenance beauty with maximum appeal.

A single glance tells you how it acquired its name. Each vivid bloom is composed of fire engine red petals ending in candy pink tubes that look precisely like the classic beauty product. It's sure to earn a double-take from anyone passing by!

Besides human appreciation, these flowers will also attract plenty of wild pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies, something every garden needs more of these days. Best of all this flashy member of the Grandstand™ series won't cycle out of color and doesn't need deadheading to keep blooming.For best performance, grow this annual in full sun. Plagued by hot, humid summers? Don't sweat it! This plant thrives even in those tough conditions conditions and will deliver reliable interest throughout the season. Expect flowering to continue until hard frost so be prepared to enjoy a lengthy season of warm colors and vertical interest popping up from beds, borders, window boxes and mixed baskets. Pack of three plants, grown in big 4-inch pots.

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