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Grape Trio

Grape Trio

Three great varieties!

Pack of 3
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Grow a small vineyard with this Grape Trio! Included for one price are three wonderful varieties that are perfect for snacking and creating your own recipes and beverages. They are easy to grow and produce heaps of fruit at full maturity. Get growing today!

Included are: 'Niagra', 'Concord', and 'Catawba' varieties.

'Niagra' is a white variety that produces large clusters of flavorful fruit and is known to have a very pleasant aroma. It is very vigorous, hardy, and productive.

'Concord' is one of the most popular garden varieties and is very well known in the grape world. It ripens late and is ideal for using in recipes. Is is very tolerant of various soil types.

'Red Catawba' is exceptionally vigorous. The fruit holds well even after being picked. It has a very sweet taste that makes it ideal for snacking.