Gro-Quick Soil-Warming Cable

Gro-Quick Soil-Warming Cable

Automatically Warms the Soil, Indoors or Out!

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The perfect alternative to a heat mat for raised garden beds, containers, coldframes, and seed flats! The Gro-Quick Soil-Warming Cable offers thermostatically controlled heat anytime the soil temperature falls below 74 degrees F. You don't do a thing except place it in the soil, plug it in, and watch your seeds sprout quicker, larger, and healthier than ever... no matter what the weather does!

Perfect indoors or out, this cable is 24 feet long, safely encased in a tough, waterproof PVC coating with sealed connectors. It covers about 6 square feet of soil space, with a thermostat built into the cable so that it is automatically activated by a drop in temperature. Just think -- you never have to fuss with thermometers and weather reports and plastic tarps and -- well, you get the idea!

Gro-Quick delivers just the right amount of gentle heat to the soil, never burning tender young roots or seeds when installed following the easy instructions. In a nutshell, here's how to do it:

1. If you're placing the cable in a container, seed flat, or other structure with a base, make sure that you've got at least 1 inch of soil covering the base material beneath the cable. If you're using it outdoors, it attaches easily to hardware cloth, and of course works fine in any garden soil. Do not place it directly against plastic or wood.

2. Lay the cable in a wavy pattern so that its lengths are about 3 inches apart without crossing. The thermostat is located at the center of the 24-foot length of cable, and ideally should be placed somewhere near the midpoint of the space being heated.

3. Cover the cable with 3 to 4 inches of soil, then plant your seeds, seedlings, or plants above this height. This will prevent roots from touching the cable.

4. Plug it in. You're good to go!

Gro-Quick speeds germination and enhances seedling growth by applying just the right amount of heat to cold soils. It's great for jump-starting the vegetable garden, coping with unseasonable spring frosts, and starting your garden indoors in a cool room such as a garage. Why bother to heat the entire room when only the soil needs it?!

You're going to love this hassle-free, automatic heating cable. It is designed to last for many seasons, offering an economical and effective solution to the problem of cold weather slowing down your garden. Now you can always grow the first tomato on the block, the biggest and most beautiful annuals, and the best plants from seed! Try it this season -- you'll wonder what you ever did before you used it!