Groundcovers for Smarter Landscapes

Perennial groundcovers can make life in the garden easier.

Groundcovers offer a beautiful, organic method for handling many common garden problems. Understanding and properly planting groundcovers can significantly improve your overall landscape design.

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Advantages of Groundcovers

Most popular groundcover plants spread vigorously — they can be used to cover bare spots in your yard, even hillsides, and dry spots under trees.

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Deep-rooted groundcover can help you contain an erosion problem, holding the earth solidly in place. Short-rooted groundcovers break up the ground, allowing trees and shrubs to receive moisture and nutrients more easily.

Groundcovers regulate soil moisture and temperature, reducing the need for mulch. They also crowd out and can smother weeds.

Short, tread-able groundcovers can be used as a low-maintenance, interesting alternative to traditional lawn grass.

Browse through Park Seed’s full selection of groundcover plants to find what works best for you. Not only do they solve many practical garden problems but laying down a nice carpet for your beautiful blooming plants can really tie the whole garden together, adding depth, creating a strong finished look, and adding much-needed color and texture during “in between” times in the garden.