Grow Station

Grow Station

The All-in-1 Coldframe, Raised Bed, Workbench, and Storage Unit!

Aluminum and Polycarbonate
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The Grow Station is your multi-purpose gardening buddy extraordinaire! Much more than simply a raised coldframe, it's got storage space, a wide shelf for working (without kneeling or stooping!), and a climate-controlled environment for overwintering tender plants, starting seeds, and growing on seedlings. You'll wonder how you ever gardened without it!

Featuring 3 shelves (2 of which are adjustable), a hinged lid that you can open to the exact height you desire, and 2 front-opening doors, the Grow Station is about as handy as any garden workbench has ever been. The shelves are galvanized steel, while the frame is sturdy aluminum and the glazing is polycarbonate. The lid and doors are SnapGlas™, the same material used to make today's sturdiest full-size greenhouses. Everything is covered with a 5-year warranty, so you know you're getting top quality backed by an ironclad guarantee.

The Grow Station fits perfectly onto a city balcony, a small porch, that narrow strip of un-gardenable soil on the north side of the house, and even at the edge of the driveway. No matter how challenged you are for gardening space -- and we gardeners are always fighting that challenge! -- you will find room for this compact, durable, super-effective potting bench and coldframe in one.

Measuring 54 inches high at the rear of the lid, the Grow Station stands 46 inches wide and 22 inches deep. The front of the sloped lid is 47 inches high. The clear panels conduct light and heat efficiently, raising the temperature within the Grow Station several degrees and eliminating icy winds while still admitting light and air.

You may find that the Grow Station quickly becomes your most often-used and treasured piece of gardening equipment. It's just so handy, spacious, yet compact. No more need to fear changeable spring weather, unseasonable frosts, and other vagaries of Mother Nature! WIth the Grow Station, you've always got a great place to grow! 40 lbs.