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Grow your strawberries at eye level with this durable, lightweight, reusable green plastic pouch! You won't believe how much prettier your berries look without a flat, white side -- and your yields will go way up, thanks to the elimination of nibbling insects and other predators, too-damp soil, and squished fruit from careless feet in the berry patch!

Simply fill this pouch with potting soil and set a seedling into each of the criss-cross openings. Lie it flat on a bench or other outdoor location, water the seedlings well, and let the strawberry plant roots develop for about 2 weeks. Then carefully hang the pouch where your strawberries will grow best, off the ground but with good sun exposure and protection from strong winds.

Plants grown off the ground boast cleaner fruit and foliage, with less loose dirt, pests, and disease. And your back will thank you at harvest time -- no bending or stooping!

Each package contains 4 Growin' Bags of the same size.

Bag Dimensions: 8 inches flat, 6 inch diameter, 29 inches from top of handle to bottom, 21¾ full length of bag.