Gypsy White Babys Breath

Gypsy White Baby's Breath

Fleuroselect Novelty Award winner!

(P) Pkt of 50 seeds
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Welcome into your garden the easiest-to-grow, most-beautiful-to-behold Baby's Breath yet! Gypsy White won the Fleuroselect Novelty Award -- Europe's top award for seeds -- and now it's ready to discover America!

Gypsy White is a naturally compact, very free-flowering Baby's Breath with fine pale green foliage, excellent branching, and more flowers over a longer season than ever before. Though just 6 inches high and 8 inches wide, it blooms from May through September in most climates, bringing you endless cut-flowers for your indoor arrangements, as well as a petite, neat, overflowing-with-beauty sun lover for containers and garden beds!

Roses in the vase have no better friend than Baby's Breath, and this long-lasting white bloom complements just about every other cut-flower, too. Use them fresh from the garden for several weeks of color, or dry them for months of use as everlastings. Each flower is tiny, but there are so many and so closely spaced that they form a cloud of soft color.

And Gypsy White is easier than ever to grow, thanks to new multi-pelleted seeds! Just sow the seeds at about 68 degrees F, barely covering them. After the seedlings sprout, lower the temperature to 60 degrees F and grow them on. If you're sowing in a seed flat, thin or transplant them to separate pots about a month after they germinate; if you're growing them in the Bio Dome, they will be fine in their bio-sponge until it's time to transplant them outdoors.

Transplant into the garden or their final container about 10 weeks after sowing. Baby's Breath loves sunshine and gritty, well-drained soil. So easy, so long-blooming, so beautiful! Pkt is 50 seeds.

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