Habanero Pepper Seeds (P) Pkt of 25 seeds

(P) Pkt of 25 seeds
Item #05641-PK-P1


Fruit matures from silvery green to bright orange

Days to Maturity: 90

This dainty little orange pepper is among the hottest peppers anywhere, Habanero delivers a searing degree of heat at 215,000 Scovilles. These little peppers look harmless, but use them very sparingly, and remember to wear gloves when handling them to avoid transferring that heat to your eye.

Blocky, wrinkled peppers measure about 1 to 2 inches long and slightly less wide, maturing from silvery green to bright orange on the plant.

Start seeds indoors or, in climate with short growing seasons, outdoors at least one week after last frost. If starting indoors, allow 7 to 10 weeks for the seeds to mature into seedlings large enough to transplant safely. Fertilize when the blooms appear, and water well. Fruit is most nutritious if allowed to ripen on the plant.


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Genus 2 Capsicum
Species annuum
Variety Habanero
Item Form (P) Pkt of 25 seeds
Days to Maturity 90
Fruit Color Green
Seeds Per Pack 25

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February 16, 2015

Hot Enough For Us

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

We cultivate about 18 varieties of peppers every year and these are the hottest we grow. They give quite a punch to just about anything. We like to use them to make hot sauce mostly, but we've also pickled, dried and frozen them. Habaneros have a fruity taste with plenty of heat. The fruity flavor comes out most if you wait to pick them until they are fully ripe and orange all the way around. The plants are usually loaded with peppers by August and we probably average 2-3 dozen peppers per plant. Picking them with your bare hands is fine, but wear gloves when you cut into them. Highly recommend this variety for anyone who likes spicy food.

Brutus from SC

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