Hanging Platform Feeder

Hanging Platform Feeder

Year-round Feeder for Seed, Corn, Suet, and More!

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Whether you are an avid birder or simply an enthusiast who likes winged visitors in the garden, this all-purpose feeder is a great addition to the backyard. A flat surface for feeding with a steel screen below to drain away water and filter out food waste is a simple and effective design that accommodates all kinds of feed and all kinds of birds! Just find a branch, hook, or other support and hang it up!

The Hanging Platform Feeder is useful year-round, because it accommodates the type of feed you want to offer during winter. Big enough for suet blocks, corncobs, and other large items, it also works just fine for seed and nuts of all type.

This feeder measures 12½ inches square and is about 2 inches deep, with narrow sides and a lip that birds can use for perching. Seed stays inside the shallow tray, and birds can hop around selecting their favorite morsels. No troublesome filling and clogging and cleaning here!

Made entirely from recycled materials, this feeder is very weather-tough, designed for many years of exposure to the elements. The powder-coated steel screen beneath the feeding tray is durable as well, and keeps water from pooling in the tray. You even get a hook and wire already threaded and ready to hang! Nothing could be easier.

Welcome all the backyard birds into your landscape with this economical, eco-friendly, all-season feeder. They will thank you with their continued presence in your garden!