Asplenium Harts Tongue

Asplenium 'Harts Tongue'

Evergreen Brilliance for the Shade!

3-inch Pot
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Available Feb 17, 2020 to open plant zones. View schedule.
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Perfect for those dark, murky garden areas where few plants will grow, Hart's-Tongue Fern is a hardy evergreen that needs little attention and always looks its best, showing off with bright green leaves boasting interesting texture!

This 12- to 18-inch high and wide fern sends its long, elegant fronds straight up, their edges nicely waved and their undersides boasting little spores that resemble a centipede's feet! The color is bright green, and really stands out from most neighboring plants. Light up the shade with this one!

Formerly known as Phyllitis, this hardy fern is a dependable presence in any reasonably fertile, well-drained soil. Rabbits and other nibbling creatures tend to leave it alone, and it withstands environmental stresses nicely. Pamper it the first season to help it get established, then let it go! Your shade garden will be all the better for it.