Harvest Window Box

Harvest Window Box

Give Your Window a Natural View!

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The perfect gift for a beginner to the art of growing plants, the Harvest Window Box allows anyone to grow a variety of plants right inside their home, no matter how small the space. What a charming addition to any kitchen!

Constructed from all-natural white cedar, this planter is made to last. It won't splinter, shrink, swell, warp, or rot, even after many seasons of steady use. It comes with a plastic drainage tray and a built-in compartment for herb scissors, which are also included! Measuring 14.5 inches long, 9.25 inches deep, and 6 inches wide, it's a convenient size for countertop or table, yet is compact enough to fit easily into your busy kitchen.

The Harvest Window Herb Box is ideal for a tiny herb garden in the kitchen, seasonal flowers for a sun room and any small plant that can be grown indoors. The cedar box is wide and deep enough for a variety of plants, with plenty of room for roots and more. And this isn't just an herb planter -- all your houseplants will love it, such as violas and primroses, African violets and geraniums!

The Harvest Window Box even has drainage holes in the bottom to ensure that you don't over-water your plants. The excess water is captured by a sturdy plastic tray, so there is never water damage. And the compartment that holds the herb scissors makes for easy access, and reminds you to snip your plants regularly throughout the growing season. So simple, so easy to maintain!

The Harvest Window Box is resistant to damage from insects, and will last a long time. Dress up any indoor space with a living garden in this pretty, multi-functional container. It's perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms, retirement home and offices. Stylish and functional, it makes a great gift, but you will definitely want one for yourself too! Stock up on these window boxes, plant them out for friends, and enjoy fresh, live plants in your home year-round!