Heat Mat Automatic Thermostat

Heat Mat Automatic Thermostat

Illuminated indicator light and automatic safety shut-off make this easy and safe to use!

Item # 06240
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Start your garden economically and accurately with the Heat Mat Thermostat, which controls the temperature of your seedling heat mats to within 2 degrees F, ensuring that every seed germinates and grows on with exactly the right amount of heat! This simple plug-in thermostat can be adjusted to the precise temperature you want, so you won't waste a seed!

Not only do your seeds germinate more easily with the Heat Mat Thermostat, but young plants, cuttings, indoor plants, and transplants grow more quickly as well. Just select a temperature between 68 and 95 degrees F, set the thermostat on your seedling heat mat, and leave the rest to this ingenious little device! It's even got an automatic shut-off valve should the temperature reach 110 degrees, so you needn't worry about fire. And the manufacturer provides a full one-year warranty -- no ifs, ands, or buts!

The Heat Mat Thermostat puts you in control of your indoor plants. Now you can germinate even stubborn seeds, grow a big, healthy garden more quickly and easily, and eliminate the guesswork of heat mats. This thermostat works with any size heat mat -- 9 by 19, 20 by 20, and 48 by 20. Made in Taiwan.