Coreopsis Heavens Gate

Coreopsis Heaven's Gate

Naturalizes readily and grows so easily!

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A whole new look for our native Coreopsis! Heaven's Gate is a magnificent two-tone Tickseed with masses of cheery daisies on a spreading habit. This plant stands up to just about any environmental stress, blooms for months, and brings pollinators on the wing into your garden! You've simply got to grow it!

The show begins in early summer, when the slender foliage of this perennial is topped by dozens of buds. They quickly open, displaying a ray of rosy-pink petals around a fuzzy gold center. The base of each petal is a deep, rich shade of rosy red, while the remainder of the petal is deep pink. Intensely colorful and so long-lasting, they carpet the garden in two shades of beautiful all summer long!

Heaven's Gate reaches about 9 inches high out of bloom, with the flowers adding another 9 inches or so. Shear back the plant after the first flush of flowers, and you will get new buds all the quicker! And no matter what your summer weather decides to do -- unseasonable heat, humidity, even periods of drought -- this native perennial will withstand it effortlessly! Infertile soil is no problem either, and where Heaven's Gate is happy, it will naturalize over time.

Best of all is the visitors Heaven's Gate brings into your garden. Bees and butterflies love this plant, making your sunny border a haven for pollinators all season long. You won't believe the ease of care, vigorous growth, heavy flowering, and pollinator magnetism of Heaven's Gate! Add it to your landscape and container garden this season. Zones 5-8.

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Good fill in plant
Terry-the-gardener from OH wrote on August 15, 2015

I like this hardy plant. I use it to fill in between my iris beds,. Coreopsis blooms after the irises and looks good with that greenery. I could wish it would have more blooms, I was happy to see the instructions about cutting it back, maybe that will help.