Heirloom Fruit Seeds

Fruit seeds with legacy and heritage.

Heirloom fruit seeds from Park Seed Company have remained in circulation for decades (legacy) and have been passed down through the generations (heritage), at least 50 years in this case. These heirloom fruit seeds are treasured by home gardeners for their exceptional growing qualities and garden performance. Lovingly and meticulously preserved, Park Seed offers dependable heirloom seed varieties that have been painstakingly collected, to the delight of our customers, to display the very same desirable qualities that our ancestors sought to preserve in their own seeds. Those qualities may include exceptional baking or cooking, fewer seeds or seedless, generous harvests, and large fruits. Heirloom seeds are often thought to have the best flavor, too.

We’re caretakers of these reliable heirloom fruit seeds and accept that responsibility earnestly. We remember the tales around the dinner table of neighbors exchanging heirloom seeds, of our family members seeking out the best heirloom fruit seeds that delivered the most generous harvests in the area. A successful garden of years gone by was not only a point of pride but sometimes made the difference between a family thriving through the winter or scrounging for healthy fruits to round out the final meals before the garden’s fresh fare delivery of spring.

Heirloom fruits stand the test of time. Due to their exceptional qualities, we’ll continue to nurture and preserve these established and verified heirloom fruit seeds for generations to come. Defined as something that has survived for generations usually due to the efforts of private individuals (Merriam-Webster), these fruit seeds have special value due to their heritage. As an heirloom itself, thriving since the 1880s, Park Seed holds our customers in a similar esteem of reverence for the years of successful gardening we’ve enjoyed together— pass it on!