Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Grow these classic vegetables in your garden.

Make room in your garden for heirloom vegetables. There is a taste delight waiting for you! Heirloom vegetables are plants that have stood the test of time. They never would still be here if they weren’t successfully grown over the years, provided a good crop and, most importantly, tasted great! The heirloom vegetable varieties give you a chance to experience the old-time flavors, colors and shapes of the original varieties of vegetables. There are only a handful of tomatoes in the grocery store and most are red, round and similar in size. They seldom have much flavor. Heirloom tomatoes can be purple, yellow, orange and stripey. They can have a rich smoky flavor, or a lightly sweet flavor, or even a slight hint of pineapple. There are heirloom varieties that are so large that one slice will be hanging out the sides of your BLT sandwich. What about a purple carrot, or a yellow beet?

Grow heirloom vegetable varieties each gardening season. You may find it becomes a favorite to eat raw or add to sauces, salsas and more. Be careful of sharing these heirloom beauties, though. You just might want to keep them all to yourself. 

Organic gardening and heirloom vegetable seeds are logical partners. Organic gardening is all about protecting the soil and using non-chemical methods. By buying heirloom vegetable seeds and growing heirloom vegetable plants, the gardener not only can enjoy the varieties of flavors, but will help to ensure that the seeds of heirlooms continue to not only exist, but are saved for future generations.