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Helleborus HGC® 'Jacob'

Blooms Winter to Spring

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Winter blooms are hard to find, and this exciting hellebore offers breathtaking crisp white blooms. They open from fat buds all over this mounded, well-branched plant, which thrives in full to partial shade. Who could ask for anything more?

Jacob's flowers begin opening in early winter and continue into spring, making excellent cuts for the vase (float them in a bowl of water to really show off the blooms) as well as a stunning garden presence. While the rest of the garden sleeps, this long lived perennial is up and blooming.

The foliage is dark, serrated, and quite attractive, and because Jacob, like all hellebores, is poisonous, nibbling creatures leave it alone. Use it in open woodland settings, in the shade border, and as a guard plant for your hostas and ferns. Vigorous and very adaptable, Jacob will naturalize over time, colonizing the shade and transforming it with color and texture just when the garden needs it most!It prefers complete shade, but is capable of tolerating partial sun. Reaching about 10-12 inches high, it's perfect for containers (indoors or out), the front of borders, and beds. Invite this darling Lenten rose into your garden and soon you will see what all the fuss is about.