Helleborus Snowbells

Helleborus 'Snowbells'

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Commonly called the Christmas rose, Snowbells blooms around Christmas time in warmer climates, up to a month earlier than other hellebores. It features rose-like semi-double blooms with white petals and full yellow centers, a nice addition to holiday combination containers with evergreens. The flowers are rather large, reaching 3 inches, and are side facing, unique among hellebores, which are usually downward facing.

When planted in large groups, this hellebore is exquisitely showy, although it won't reach its full bloom potential until the second or third year.

A vigorous perennial, both salt and drought tolerant, it grows easily in a wide range of climates and will slowly spread over time. Its dark evergreen foliage makes it an attractive ground cover with year-round appeal.