Winter Jewels Jade Star Lenten Rose

Winter Jewels Jade Star Lenten Rose

Jaw-dropping New Color!

3 1/2-inch Pot
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Part of the award-winning Winter Jewels® series of Hellebores, this Lenten Rose will add a pop of color to your early spring garden. Hand bred from the best plants, Jade Star is a stuning addition to the winter garden. The bushy mounds of thick evergreen leaves have single cup-shaped blooms of bold lime-green, edged and veined in a shade of maroon so dark it looks black from a distance! Wow!

Cut the blooms and float them face up in a bowl of water indoors, or let them age right on the plant to a crepe-papery consistency. Their color will fade but persist, giving a large planting of Jade Star a multicolored look that is quite striking.

Hellebores are among the easiest perennials to grow, standing up to heat, humidity, drought, and other environmental stresses. Pamper Jade Star a bit the first season to help it find its feet, then let it go. You will enjoy these blooms for a decade or more to come! Highly recommended for full to part shade in any well-drained soil.