Hemerocallis Handwriting on the Wall

Hemerocallis 'Handwriting on the Wall'

Grows well in dry, poor soil

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The handwriting is on the wall - your garden needs this fantastic daylily! The fragrant, dramatic, color-soaked blooms make quite the powerful impression as they rise above verdant rabbit-proof, semi-evergreen foliage. The blooms are bold yellow in the center, bleeding out to a bold purple, and finishing on the edges with light salmon pink. This incredibly versatile and robust plant survives a wide range of climate zones, light exposures and environmental pressures like rabbits, drought, and salt. This easy to care for daylily thrives most anywhere making it unbelievably low maintenance and easy to care for. The bold, multi-colored flowers are incredible to observe in both landscape an vase and are the perfect in to the summer season. Not only are the colors of this daylily impressive but it also boasts a sweet fragrance. Add it to your beds, borders, and containers for unique color you're sure to be complimented on.