Herb Collection Seeds

For a full season of delicious eating

Collections make gardening quick and easy. Mainly want culinary herbs? There’s a collection for that. Just want herbs for pizza making? There’s one for that, too. We even offer an herbal tea collection, with the stevia seed for sweetener included. Can you just imagine growing your own “tea garden,” combining herbs to make your own special blends, just the way you like them? Even the cat will be happy, since it includes catnip. And of course, we have an organic collection of some of the finest culinary herbs available.

Variety is the spice of life. And seed collections offer an economical way to buy a variety of herbs for a full season of delicious eating or drinking. Just one collection creates a complete kitchen garden.

Herbs grow well indoors year-round. They make adorable and fragrant potted plants. They’re also perfect for growing outdoors on the patio in a decorative pot. Or they can be intermingled directly in the vegetable garden or ornamental bed.

These are herbs no chef should be without. So, treat yourself or a friend to one of our culinary collections, and your everyday meals won’t be so ordinary anymore.