Herb Mill

Herb Mill

Reversible Handle for Righties and Lefties!

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Get more flavor from every stem of your herb plants with this inexpensive, very handy Herb Mill from our friends at Norpro. Not only does it mince leaves into tiny, delectable morsels, it chops stems very fine, giving you and your diners the benefit of the nutrition and flavor of this often-overlooked part of the plant. You'll love how quickly and easily it works, too!

The Herb Mill operates by hand crank, and is adjustable for righties and lefties alike. (Such a rare thing!) You simply place half a dozen or so stems of herbs in the top feeder, then begin cranking. The rotary blades mince them, leaves as well as stems, right into your salad, casserole, veggie dish, or food saver. And the closely spaced blades do a great job of cutting the herb cleanly, so the oil remains in the leaf and stem instead of spilling out and diminishing the flavor of the herb.

The outer structure of the mill is heavy-duty plastic, lightweight yet very durable. The blades are stainless steel, and should be hand-washed. (They remove easily for washing.) Inevitably, tiny fragments of herb remain on the blades after use, so give them a quick rinse or a good wash in warm soapy water, then let them air dry. Ready to go again!

The Herb Mill was designed for fresh herbs, but dried ones work equally well. The key is not to overstuff the grinder. Feed a few stems and leaves in, crank them through, then add more -- you'll go through your entire pile of herbs in no time, with no waste. And the aroma is magnificent!

The Herb Mill should last a lifetime. It fits easily into a kitchen drawer, and weighs just over 3 ounces. 6¼ inches long, it's a little powerhouse in a small space! The crank is removable for cleaning or changing hands as well. You're going to wonder what you ever did without this tool in the kitchen!

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