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Herbal Tea Seed Collection

Herbal Tea Seed Collection

Fresh Herbal Tea, Straight from the Garden!

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Next time you crave a cup of tea to calm or rejuvenate your spirits, just put on the kettle and then take a quick trip to the garden with a pair of shears! It's fun and easy to grow your own "tea garden," and the herbs in this economical collection can be combined in unique ways to develop exactly the "personal blend" you prefer! We've even included something for the cats, and an all-natural sweetener!

This collection contains many herbs that can also be used in crafts such as sachets, as well as in the kitchen as seasoning. All are easy to grow, with some -- the mint especially! -- thriving under a certain amount of benign neglect!

Design a fragrant garden display around these herbs, or scatter them among your vegetable patch and annual flower garden. They will perfume the air and keep pests away, too! And they make lovely houseplants.

You will be surprised at the taste of tea made with fresh rather than store-bought herbs. And with these generous seed packets -- you receive one full packet of each of the 8 varieties, not just a single-packet mix! -- you will have plenty to dry for use all winter as well! You simply can't go wrong with this stimulating and refreshing collection! Contains 8 seed packets.