Herbs by Type

Everything you’re looking for, plus a few surprises

Park Seed carries a huge selection of herbs, so we’ve created a page of herbs by type to make it easy for you to find your favorites. Whether heirloom, organic, hybrid, or award-winning herbs, we have everything you’re looking for, including herbs for culinary, crafting, and apothecary purposes. And with our convenient collections, you get a complete, easy-to-grow herb garden with just 1 click.

Herbs appeal to all our senses. Savory and aromatic herbs have been welcomed in kitchen, scent, and apothecary gardens for centuries because they have so many uses. Herbs add bursts of flavor (and nutrients) to dishes and drinks and natural fragrance to soaps, potpourri, and homemade gifts; and they beautify spaces with lovely textures, seemingly endless verdant colors, and sumptuous scents.

We all know fresh herbs make all the difference in our culinary endeavors, and you just can't get any fresher than homegrown. But did you also know herbs work hard in the vegetable garden? They not only add diversity but also protect vulnerable varieties. Some repel pests. Some lure pests in, sacrificing themselves so vegetables may live to maturity. And others attract beneficial bugs and pollinators—higher numbers of pollinators mean bigger yields.

So, create an herb garden outside your kitchen door or scatter herbs in the vegetable garden or edible landscape. But remember, herbs are also attractive enough to mingle amongst flowering plants in beds and borders and simple enough to grow in indoor gardens or on a windowsill. But whether you grow tons of herbs or just a few containers full, don’t do without these versatile plants.