Herb Seeds for Containers

Grow your herbs in any size pot.

People have been growing herbs in containers indoors for centuries. Herbs can be divided into three basic groups: medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and scented herbs. Many overlap into all three categories depending on how they will be used. One of the best things about herbs for containers is that many of them are very easy to grow and will thrive in a pot on the windowsill as well as they do in the garden. Some herbs are so prolific and even invasive that the only way to contain them is by keeping them in a pot.

Culinary herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary are all commonly used for cooking and are very popular choices for a windowsill herb garden. Container herb seeds are easily started right in the container they will grow in. If your container is indoors, make sure they are in a bright sunny window. Another way to grow culinary herbs is on the patio or porch right outside the kitchen. Group several different culinary herbs that you cook with most often in a large pot.

If you want to try using some medicinal herbs, start by growing herbs in a container or right out in the garden. Calendula, mint and chamomile would be good choices. Watch out for mint. It can be very invasive and take over your herb garden. Plant the mint seeds in a pot and sink the entire plant into the ground of your herb garden. The mint will thrive, but not take over the entire garden.

If you want to grow herbs for their scent, lavender is a must-have. This herb is able to bring calmness and comfort with its soft scent. Mint overlaps into this category as its uplifting scent is also a great flavor added to teas.