Herb Seeds for Tea

Grow herbs to flavor your favorite tea.

Why buy specialty herb teas and blends when you can grow your own in the herb garden? You will pay a premium for some herb teas when the herbs for tea are easily grown in your own garden. Start a tea garden by planting herb seeds for the tea garden. The best part? Herbs can grow in any garden, container or pot, so even if you’re limited to your apartment, you can grow and dry your favorite herbs for tea.

If you have a Camellia Sinensis tree, better known as the tea tree, you can use the tea leaves to make your own tea. However, teas can be made with herbs as well.

There are plenty of benefits to growing herbs, and herb teas are no exception. First, for those who prefer not to indulge in caffeine, herbs can create caffeine-free teas, which is a health plus for many of us. Second, you could include stevia in your tea garden and save calories if you prefer your tea sweetened. Third, the different herbs for tea have different health effects. Mint can refresh you on a hot day and, for some, it calms their stomach. Chamomile tea often is used to soothe and many like to drink a cup before going to bed.

The great part about growing herbs for tea is that you can give your creative side free rein. You’re only limited by your imagination, and you can try different combinations of herbs to make your own unique tea blend brew.