Heroes Rose Floribunda Rose

Heroes Rose Floribunda Rose

Award-winning Color and Fragrance!

Heroes Rose Floribunda Rose
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A very special rose introduced to honor the brave people who assisted rescue operations on and after the 9/11 tragedy, Heroes Rose reminds us that even during the most difficult times, human nature triumphs with generosity and determination of spirit. A very sweetly fragrant floribunda with bright plummy purple blooms, this rose is actually a combination of red, white, and blue tones!

Heroes Rose was developed here at Jackson & Perkins and quickly became our 2013 Floribunda of the Year. It's simply a delightful variety, with an intense sweet scent and ruffled, full, brilliantly colored blooms 3 inches wide. About 20 petals fill these flowers, which arise most heavily early in the season, then continue intermittently all summer long. So festive and bright, an unusual shade of purple that complements all the pink and white roses in the garden!

Heroes Rose sets its blooms in clusters, with stems 14 to 16 inches long among fresh, glossy dark green foliage. Well-branched and bushy, it's a nice size for a hedge as well as for a border standout. Expect it to reach 3½ feet tall and about 3 feet wide in most climates.

We are proud to honor the heroes who, in the words of former President George W. Bush, rose up "on a day when buildings fell." The patriotic colors that combine to make these bright magenta-plum petals are a symbol of the cause for which these brave Americans acted, and the rich, pervasive, sweet scent is a sign of the optimism with which our nation faced this tragedy and its aftermath.

Find a special place for Heroes Rose in your landscape. It loves sunshine and good soil drainage, and is quite tolerant of rough winter weather. Give it minimal protection through zone 5 in the north; you will find it very cold-hardy and vigorous. Zones 5-9.