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Heuchera Magma

Heuchera 'Magma'

Butterflies and hummingbirds love it, while deer prefer other nibbles.

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An absolute "must have" Heuchera 'Magma' astounds and delights with giant, rounded leaves of bright pink or purple with prominent veining. It's an understatement to say that this is an attention-getting plant; the only word that really describes it is "eye-popping"!

Content in sun or shade, it reaches just 14 inches high (when not in bloom) and 2 feet wide, but the individual leaves can grow quite large -- 8 inches is not unheard of! It leafs out in mid-spring with pinkish-purple tones overlaid by a silvery sheen, and by early summer is topped with clusters of pink blooms on 30-inch stems. Hummingbirds and butterflies love these blooms, visiting frequently during this period.

As the summer heat sets in, this highly heat and humidity tolerant plant flourishes in border or container, its leaves becoming a bit less brilliant, only to rebound into glory with shades of deep red and burgundy in autumn. This color continues through winter in mild and warm climates, where 'Magma' is evergreen!

It is adaptable to heat, and it also possesses all the vigor you would expect of a native American plant. Pests and diseases tend to leave it alone, deer would rather feast elsewhere (though they have been known to indulge in a Heuchera or two in our gardens), and soil conditions can be considerably less than ideal without affecting its performance. After the first season, all it really needs is good drainage and at least some sunshine. What could be easier?

'Magma' is an absolute star. There is simply no other color blend like it, though many Heuchera can make a bid for most dramatic plant in the garden. There is no doubt that it offers terrific contrast to just about every other plant in the shade border, from Hosta to Fern.

Find a special spot for 'Magma' this season. It will repay you with trouble-free beauty for many seasons, and is likely to become the talking-point of the border! Zones 4-9.