Heuchera Timeless Treasure

Heuchera 'Timeless Treasure'

Pink Blooms Shine Bright Against Night Dark Foliage

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'Timeless Treasure' is an exquisite heuchera that captures the colors of both dawn and dusk within a single plant. The warm rose-toned blooms which emerge in summer and last all season are a siren's call to hummingbirds and butterflies who will flock to it and fill your landscape with even more color and life. These bright blossoms rise on cherry-chocolate stems and look even more dramatic against the deep pewter colored leaves. The foliage is a silvery purple with dark colored veins tracing their way across them. The beautifully colored foliage would be enough but the dark pink pollinator attracting blooms are the cherry on top. This easy to care for plant will do well basically anywhere in your garden including beds and borders and even containers! Treat your planters and shade beds to the lush, compact and shapely foliage and towering flower spears of this astonishing new heuchera.