Heucherella Cascade™ Plum Cascade

Heucherella Cascade™ 'Plum Cascade'

A Wealth of Color for Shades gardens

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A vigorous and vibrant choice for the shade garden, this variety boasts silvery purple lobed foliage which grows in a delightful trailing habit. A bold color statement for the shade garden, you'll hardly find a deeper, more rich purple anywhere else. Let the bold color fill your landscape all year long, even during the bleak winter months. Plum Cascade is an astounding choice for foliage interest, but even its small flowers are charming, especially since they tend to invite hummingbirds and other pollinators to fill your landscape with more color and life! This variety is a breeze to maintain and will thrive best in loamy, moist soil. Plant 'Plum Cascade' in your shady borders, beds, and containers and watch as the luminous purple foliage brightens up your garden month after month.