High Society™ Climbing Rose

High Society™ Climbing Rose

Damask-scented blooms never fade.

If you are looking for a climbing rose that can withstand the heat of a long summer, High Society™ is ready for the challenge! Exceptionally heat tolerant, its bright fuchsia-pink blooms refuse to fade in the hot summer sun, looking great throughout their long life. Whether you grow this rose for cut-flowers or garden pleasure, High Society™ delights!

Bred by our friends at Jackson & Perkins from the old favorites Dynamite x America, High Society™ repeat-blooms all summer long. This climber takes off early in the season and just keeps going, blanketing trellises, arbors, and fences. Magnificent!

Best of all is the damask scent, an unusual and old-fashioned fragrance you will love. It sets High Society™ apart from every other aromatic plant in the garden, and transforms a room when the blooms are cut for the vase. These flowers are fully 5 inches wide, so just a few stems makes a big bouquet!

Give High Society™ a sturdy support to climb, plenty of sunshine, well-drained soil, and food and water throughout the season, and watch it take off!