High Yield Red Tomato Mulch Fabric

High Yield Red Tomato Mulch Fabric

The red color actually increases stem strength!

18-inches Wide
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The benefits of mulching fabric are well known -- you can keep weeds down, conserve water, and prevent erosion of nutrients. But new research has found that if your mulch is a bright, reflective red, you get even more benefits, especially with everyone's favorite vegetable crop -- tomatoes!

The red color stimulates stem strength and fruit production in tomatoes by simulating the conditions of overcrowding. Your plants not only produce more heavily, but they get stockier to be able to support that additional bounty! And USDA tests show that plants using Tomato Mulch bore tomatoes weighing an average of 46 percent more than others! Wow!

The sheet of mulch is 18 inches wide and 25 feet long -- enough to cover an average row of 10 tomato plants. Set the mulch on either side of the stems, bringing it together so that there is no gap of earth between the two sheets. Then start harvesting big, heavy fruit all summer!

Directions for use:

  1. In your garden simply roll out the red mulch on both sides of your plants.
  2. Hold in place by using either fabric staples, heavy object, or soil.
  3. Make an occasional 'x' slit in the plastic to permit water to pass through.

18 inches wide x 25 feet long - NOT perforated.