Highwire Flyer™ Climbing Rose

Highwire Flyer™ Climbing Rose

Blackspot-resistant and Perpetually Blooming!

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Resistant to blackspot, mildew, and rust, Highwire Flyer™ is a miracle climber you'll want for your favorite trellis and large container! Bred by William Radler, who brought us the Knock Outs®, this hot pink to magenta climbing rose is a showstopper!

Highwire Flyer™ offers large, ruffled, rounded flowers that begin a rich magenta and lighten slightly to fuchsia-pink. They arise continuously all summer, so you will scarcely see this climber out of bloom from May through September! Such a profusion of flowers on a petite habit!

Just about 6 feet tall, this rose can be grown in large containers, such as half-barrels and tubs, as well as in the sunny garden. Keep it well watered and fed all season, and enjoy the lush, disease-free foliage right until until frost! Highly recommended.