Holiday Hoots Seed Ornaments

Holiday Hoots Seed Ornaments

Your bird-loving friends will love this gift!

Set of 3 Bird Lover's Gift
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These little gifts are perfect for all of your gardening friends, and for those who love having feathered visitors in the garden. The set includes 3 owl-shaped, seed-packed ornaments that will keep the birds coming until they have to fly south for the winter. They will appreciate the feast during any season.

Not only will these seed decorations feed all of the birds in your garden, but they're also so cute! You might want to buy extra to hang form your tree indoors. You could even create a garden-themed tree and include these ornaments along with garden tools. Each ornament comes with a natural twine rope that allows it to be hung from just about anywhere.

If you do choose to place it outside to serve to the birds, you might want to hang it near a window so you can have a front-seat view of the feast!