Honey Bee Haven Floribunda Rose

'Honey Bee Haven' Floribunda Rose

2019 New Introduction.

Bareroot Grafted
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The radiant pink orange blooms of this new rose will light up the garden all season. The high centered pink flowers sit against glossy, dark green foliage creating a stunning contrast. The sunset colored blooms will have you staring all season long. Not only is it beautiful but this floribunda has a good resistance to rust and powdery mildew, so you don't have to worry about it in your landscape. When the stunning blooms open they emit a moderate to strong clove fragrance that is sure to delight anyone passing by.

Use 'Honey Bee Haven' as a bedding rose or in a mixed perennial garden among your pollinator friendly plants to bring butterflies and bees flocking, filling your garden with even more life. It will produce generous clusters of blooms all season long. Use in your beds, borders, or anywhere you want a splash of sunrise color that is sure to delight.