Honey N Pearl Hybrid Corn Seeds

Honey 'N Pearl Hybrid Corn Seeds

Early, Tender Bicolor Ears a Whopping 9 Inches Long!

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76 days from direct-sowing.

This early-maturing, tender bicolor of outstanding eating quality is one of the finest Super Sweets you will ever grow . . . or eat! The cylindrical 9-inch ears are a pleasure to look at, with 16 to 18 rows of white and yellow kernels -- symmetrical, tightly packed, and plump.

You can count on big yields every time from Honey 'N Pearl! The ears are very tightly husked, reducing the risk of infestation from corn ear-worm. And these robust 6-foot plants are resistant to Common Rust and Stewart's Wilt. So you get extra ears, top-quality fill, and great eating from every stalk!

Super Sweet corn is specially bred to contain twice the sugar of regular sweet corn, and these hybrids retain their flavor and tenderness up to 2 weeks longer than Regular Sweets. They require warm soil for good germination, and must be isolated from other types of corn (non Super Sweet varieties) by 200 feet or at least 2 weeks' planting time.

Sow after last spring frost, when the soil is warm. Corn is famously easy to direct-sow in any sunny spot. To extend your corn harvest, make successive plantings weekly up to mid-July, or plant varieties with differing maturity dates. And if you like, grow a Three Sisters planting this season! This Native American combination plant uses corn, beans, and squash to help one another grow their best. The beans climb the corn stalks, while the squash vines keep the bean and corn roots cool and help prevent weeds. Fun and attractive, this is a great project for kids of all ages.

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