Honey Perfume™ Floribunda Rose

Honey Perfume™ Floribunda Rose

Stands Up to Blackspot, Rust, and Mildew!

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One of the easiest of all roses to grow, Honey Perfume™ stands up to foliar diseases like blackspot, rust, and powdery mildew effortlessly! This gorgeous, heaven-scented rose would be a must-have just for its beauty and fragrance, but its superb garden performance sets it high above most others. This is a rose you simply need to grow!

The first thing you will probably fall in love with is Honey Perfume's™ intoxicating spicy-sweet fragrance. This is a rose to scent the whole garden, not to mention what it can do when cut for the vase. No wonder it's won a bouquet of international awards, including a coveted All-America Rose Selection!

The next thing is the flowers themselves. Fully double, they are bursting with up to 30 petals held in perfectly symmetrical, whorled rows like a fine hybrid tea. Expect the blooms to reach 4 inches wide when fully open. The soft apricot and golden petals mature to a rich cream over the long life of the flowers, so that a fully blooming Honey Perfume™ combines all shades from deep peach to nearly white!

The bloomtime of this rose is said to be all summer (it repeats freely), but we have noticed that in all but the most northerly climates it will begin flowering before spring is out and continue into autumn as long as the mild weather holds. It is a floribunda, meaning that the flowers arise in big clusters instead of one per stem. With a single snip, you have created a bouquet that will last for more than a week, so fragrant that it perfumes the entire room.

This rose is upright and well-branched, reaching about 3 to 4 feet high and up to 3 feet wide. That's a good size for the sunny border, and Honey Perfume™ adores sun, growing and blooming best in full light. It doesn't need to be set apart from other plants the way that most older roses do, however, because it is free from most of the foliar diseases caused by overcrowding and moisture. Blackspot, the scourge of roses, is absent here, as are powdery mildew (a big problem for roses in very humid or rainy climates) and rust. In other words, you can pop Honey Perfume™ right into a mixed planting without worrying about all the usual special treatment roses need!

Winner of multiple awards, this rose deserves a special place in your landscape. Begin growing it today!