Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper

Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper

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Whether you harvest your own honey or simply want a more attractive and seal-tight container for your store-bought honey, this delightful (and very durable!) British honeypot is the answer! Holding a generous 13.5 ounces of honey, it seals securely to keep out pests and make sure that your honey stays fresh without seizing up.

A charming design, this squat, rounded glass jar is banded like a beehive and features the name Kilner, an old and trusted English canning brand. The pot seals securely with a silicone and wire lock. Five inches high and 4 inches in diameter, it holds a nice amount of honey, and comes with a wooden dipper.

You will love the premium materials and durable artisanship of this jar. Start using it this season, and one day you may be handing it down to your grandchildren!