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Hot Pak ™ Mixture Marigold Seeds

Hot Pak ™ Mixture Marigold Seeds

This mix thrives in the summer heat

(P) Pkt of 50 seeds
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Days to Maturity: 28

While most marigolds wither back in the summer heat, the Hot Pak mix thrives. This is the first French marigold variety to be developed specifically for hot weather.

Hot Pak marigolds create mounds of foliage and full blooms. Blooms come in shades of vibrant yellow, rich orange and scarlet. Some blooms are solid colors while others are a combination. The blooms hang around longer than African type marigolds, providing blooms right up until the frost.

The Hot Pak mix is ideal for using in flower bed edges, containers or even vegetable gardens. The compact plants are 6-8" tall.

Marigolds are versatile flowering annuals that aren't only popular with flower gardeners but vegetable gardeners alike. The marigold produces oils that harmful pests don't like, making them excellent companion plants for vegetables. Try tucking marigolds into your next tomato container to keep tomato hornworms and aphids away.

Pkt of 50 seeds