Hot Pepper Seeds

Add beauty with a fiery kick

Pungent flavor with a flash of heat, smoky flavor with a dose of sweetness, hot peppers grown from seed have a variety of flavor nuances. Peppers are easy to grow and provide abundant fruits. Harvesting as they ripen encourages more fruiting. Many peppers also display attractive flowers so you can add them to your flower gardens, too.

Plant seeds for mildly warm and spicy poblanos or plant and harvest hot jalapeños. There are so many varieties, and each plant is such a generous grower you can plant a grove of peppers and harvest unique flavors from each. Browse the options, read the flavor descriptions, and add your favorites to your cart. You can’t go wrong with hot pepper seeds. From first harvest to first frost, you’ll pluck hot peppers from the vine or bush whenever the mood strikes, or the recipe calls for them. You can pickle, slice, sear, char, and dice these beauties for a dash of spicy deliciousness.

Even without the distinctive tastes, you might even choose to grow peppers for their ornamental appeal alone. Bushy varieties that look like they are strung with red Christmas lights are cheerful shrubs in the landscape or patio pot. After picking, multi-colored hot peppers add flair to your side dish and can stand alone as decoration in a festive bowl or copper colander on your kitchen island. Dried peppers make organic, seasonal decor for your front door, tabletop display, or mantel. They also make great gifts for your neighbors whether dried or canned.

You can rotate your pepper plants to sample the complete selection. Note your favorites in our app Seed to Spoon and try different hot peppers each season to find your ideal assortment for making a signature salsa. Add a flavor kick to your snacks and ornament your garden with edible beauty when you grow hot peppers. With so many to choose from, the hardest part will be choosing which ones to plant.