Bring the outdoors in!

Is the drab winter getting you down? Are you a gardener suffering from involuntary green plant withdrawal? Are you stressed by the lack of dirt under your fingernails? There is an easy solution to your woes: houseplants!

There are many reasons to grow indoor plants. When you buy houseplants, you start to receive the benefits immediately. There are studies that have shown that just looking at green leaves of plants will elevate your mood and sense of well-being. Humans are nurturers and plant care fulfills that need. Another health benefit is the ability of plants to purify the air. In the winter, this is especially important as our houses remain closed up for extended periods of time each day.

While winter is a great time to buy houseplants, you can buy them any time. Start by looking over the houseplants you may already own. Look at the size and shape, as well as the color and texture of the leaves. Do any of your houseplant’s flower? The ideal grouping of houseplants is the same as your outdoor garden. Variety is key. Combine the stiff pointed snake plant with plants that have soft-shaped leaves like ferns or vining plants. A large container plant like a rubber tree or a fiddle leaf fig tree would make a statement in any location in your home.

If you have no experience and don’t know how to grow indoor plants, choose easy to care for plants like succulents. These plants can take a lot of neglect and still survive. Another good choice is Pothos, which will also tolerate low light conditions. Make it easy on yourself and buy indoor plants online. You will have time to read the description and care guidelines and choose the indoor plants that will work with your level of expertise without becoming overwhelmed.