Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder

Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder

Highest Rated by Hummingbird Watchers!

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Birdwatchers report that hummingbirds adore this economical, American-made, lifetime-guaranteed feeder! The polycarbonate disc contains three separate flower-shaped feeding ports, along with a sturdy hook and a convenient perch so that you can capture a rare shot of the hummers at rest. Easy to hang, fill, and clean, this is the feeder you'll want to place in several spots around the garden to attract these little bejeweled birds!

The Humm Blossom works because it separates hummingbirds, who can be quite territorial, to different areas of the 5¼inch-diameter feeder. There is no competition for each flower-shaped feeding port . . . unless you have lots of hummers, of course, in which case you'll want to purchase several of these feeders and station them in various areas of the garden!

This feeder is made of durable, weather-tough polycarbonate, with a wide base that detaches easily for cleaning and refilling. The base holds 4 ounces of nectar, which is ideal for the weekly to biweekly feeding schedule you'll be on during the height of the season. Less waste, yet plenty of delicious nectar available for your visitors! (To make your hummingbird nectar, just boil 1 part granulated white sugar in 4 parts water, let it cool, and refrigerate the unused portion for up to 2 weeks.)

The top portion of Humm Blossom is tinted plum purple, a color hummingbirds find attractive, while the base is clear so you can see the nectar level easily. And the feeder ports are surrounded by a narrow perch, just right for little feet to grasp. It's unusual to catch sight of a hummingbird at rest rather than "humming," but you may be surprised how your hummers love perching on this feeder to enjoy their meals!

The Humm Blossom hangs from any branch or bracket. It's best in the sunny to partly shaded garden, above flowering plants if possible (hummingbirds are drawn to them). Definitely hang multiple feeders at least a few feet apart to prevent territory disputes! This feeder measures 2 inches high, 5 inches in diameter, and hangs about 5 inches from its support. Made in the USA and guaranteed for a lifetime! Made in USA