Hyacinth Bean

Also known as lablab and hyacinth bean

Dolichos is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family. Like other legumes, it’s a potent nitrogen fixer that helps to enrich garden soil. Hyacinth bean (lablab bean) is a pole bean cultivar in the Fabaceae family of legumes. Lablab beans probably originated from India.

Hyacinth bean is a tender annual in Zones 7 and below but it continues to grow as a short-term perennial as long as moisture and weather permits in Zones 8-12. Dolichos lablab seeds grow into beautiful ornamental plants. While the beans are technically edible, they must be cooked in a very specific manner, we do not recommend them for eating.

The vines of this drought-tolerant twining perennial can easily reach 20 feet, making them ideal for covering a fence or a wall. Dolichos grows fast and comes in a variety of growing habits that may include bushing, creeping, and semi-erect varieties. Dolichos hyacinth bean is a tropical perennial plant that requires a trellis to support its growth. The climbing vine produces purple, white, or bi-colored flowers and some varieties bloom from striking purple colored seed pods.

The flowers attract birds, butterflies, and other pollinators to the garden. The Dolichos hyacinth bean seeds can be direct sown or germinated indoors using Park’s Bio Dome growing system. They are easy care plants, lovely additions to the garden, and come with the added plus of helping to build soil nutrients.