Hydrangea Rendia First Editions® Diamond Rouge®

Hydrangea 'Rendia' First Editions® Diamond Rouge®

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This hardy—to Zone 3—panicle hydrangea blooms midsummer in large white flower clusters that turn pink and deepen to raspberry red. The blooms take on their red color earlier than other pink paniculatas and are borne on old and new wood, so they just keep coming. In the cooler temperatures of fall, the color deepens, and the foliage turns dark orange. Its stems are sturdy—perfect for cut flowers.

Although an ideal specimen plant, the beauty of this compact, upright deciduous shrub is accentuated when planted in groups. Choose a sunny spot with some early afternoon shade, especially in hot climates.

This is a potless item. Your plant will arrive in a poly bag. The root ball has been grown in a hexagonal design to minimize transplant shock and stress, and it is in an advanced stage of rooting to maximize transplant success. Follow the bareroot planting and care instructions, but do not soak.