Hydrangea Shrubs

Snowballs, Mopheads, and Lacecaps (oh my!) for shade and sun!

A mainstay of foundation gardens for generations, the hydrangea has recently expanded its look to include so many new flowering possibilities! The beloved round Summer Snowballs of our childhood are now available in elegant lacecap and conical oakleaf forms. They also come in a large amount of colors, not just white.

Hydrangeas were valued as one of the few shade tolerant shrubs that would flower in the shade. Today, there are full sun hydrangeas that will do well in shade as well. There also are more size options today including a dwarf hydrangea that will be very happy even in a pot. Fortunately, hydrangeas are still just as easy to grow, asking for plenty of moisture and a sunny to partly shaded area. Your hydrangea will need a spot where it can spread out and make itself comfortable, just like we all enjoy doing in summertime!

Choose a variety of hydrangeas for your garden to ensure you have the perfect floral backdrop to your landscape. And don’t forget, you can dry their blooms and keep them!